25-421. Notice by Board

   (a) Upon the receipt of an application for the issuance or renewal, for a substantial change in operation as determined by the Board under 25-404, or for the transfer of a license to a new location, of a retailer's license, the Board shall give notice of the application to the following parties:

     (1) The Council;

     (2) Repealed;

     (3) Repealed;

     (4) Any ANC within 600 feet of where the establishment is or will be located; and

     (5) A citizens association meeting the requirements of 25-601(3); provided, that the citizens association has, at least 30 days before the Board's receipt of the application, registered with ABRA by providing a copy of its charter, and an e-mail or other electronic address in a form consistent with ABRA's procedures.

25-601. Standing to file protest against a license

   (3) A citizens association incorporated under the laws of the District of Columbia located within the affected area; provided, that the following conditions are met:

     (A) Membership in the citizens association is open to all residents of the area represented by the association; and

     (B) A resolution concerning the license application has been duly approved in accordance with the association's articles of incorporation or bylaws at a duly called meeting, with notice of the meeting given to the voting body and the applicant at least 7 days before the date of the meeting;