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Monday, October 27, 2014

 7:00 PM

Community Meeting Room, Metropolitan Police Department Fourth District Headquarters

6001 Georgia Avenue N.W.




  1. Call To Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Consideration of the Agenda


  1. Community Concerns

This is the time for questions or statements about the issues on the agenda or other issues of concern. Please limit your statement or question to two minutes.  There may not be time in the rest of the agenda for community comment.


  1. Presentation:   Hon. Sterling Tucker, 40th Anniversary of Home Rule for the District of Columbia


  1. Presentation:  Paul Public Charter School Plans for Construction


  1. Presentation:  Plans for 9th and Peabody Community Garden  -- Thomas Marable


  1. Vote:   Proposed FY 2015 Budget


  1. Vote:   BZA 18862, 48 Madison St NW – application for variance and special exception to construct a two-car garage


  1. Vote:  DDOT Public Space Occupancy Permit Application – 6501 3rd Street N.W.


  1. Vote: Resolution Addressing Illegal Trash Truck Operations on Chillum Place NW


  1. Vote:  Resolution Regarding Proposed City Council Bill Mandating ANC Transparency


  1. Presentation and Vote:  Resolution Regarding Recreational Facilities at Walter Reed Site


  1.   Vote:  New State Department Proposal for Walter Reed


  1. Vote:  Resolution Reaffirming Recommendations Regarding the Zoning Regulations Rewrite


  1. Vote:  Letters to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board


  1. Treasurer’s Report
  2. Vote:  Minutes of September 22, 2014 Regular Public Meeting
  3. Adjournment


NEXT REGULAR PUBLIC MEETING:  Monday, November 24, 2014 beginning at 7 PM.








Contact your Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner:

ANC 4B01 Sara Green (829-8802, ANC 4B02 Faith Wheeler (882-7565, ANC 4B03 Fred Grant (288-6016, ANC 4B04 Brenda Parks (291-2557,;  ANC 4B05 Brenda Speaks (506-5632);  ANC 4B06 Ron Austin (369-0331,; ANC 4B07 Judi Jones (291-6282, ANC 4B08 Yvonne Jefferson (529-3887, ANC 4B09 Douglass Sloan (291-6185,


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