Monday, June 22, 2015, 7 p.m.

Metropolitan Police Department, 4th District Station, 6001 Georgia Ave., NW


  1. Call To Order

  2. Roll Call

  3. Consideration of the Agenda

  1. Community Concerns

This is the time for questions or statements about the issues on the agenda or other issues of concern. Please limit your statement or question to three minutes.

  1. Presentation: Chief Medical Examiner, District of Columbia, Dr. Roger A. Mitchell, Jr.

  2. Presentation: Mr. Jerry Lyle, District Department of Transportation

  3. Presentation: Stephen M. Horne, Vice President, Elm Street Development,

7200 Georgia Avenue NW

  1. Presentation: Emanuel Briggs, DC Water

  2. Presentation: Naeem Wynn, regarding solar power

  1. Vote: 4Ever Emery Grant Application

  1. Vote R15-0601, BZA 19405, Application for Special Exception, 6812 Laurel Avenue N.W.

  1. Presentation and Vote: Resolution 15-0602 – Regarding a Dog Park in ANC 4B

  1. Presentation and Vote: Resolution 15-0603 – Regarding Parking Meters in Takoma Business District

  1. Vote: FY 2015 2nd Quarter Report

  1. Treasurer’s Report

  2. Vote: Minutes of May 18, 2015 Regular Public Meeting, May 27, 2015 Special Public Meeting

  3. Adjournment

NEXT REGULAR MEETING: Monday, September 28, 2015 7:00 PM

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Meeting Rules

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