Special Public Meeting

Wednesday, December 17, 2008, 7:00 pm

Takoma Community Center, 300 Van Buren Street, NW




1.      Call To Order


2.      Roll Call


3.   Adoption of Agenda


4.   Sheridan Theater and “Park ‘n’ Shop” Center:   Application for historic landmark designation.    6201 – 6221 Georgia Avenue, NW.

More information:

The Sheridan Theater and Park ‘n’ Shop Center have several storefront retail businesses.   The Theater was designed by master architect, John Eberson, who also designed the Silver Theatre Shopping Center in downtown Silver Spring, MD.  Eberson is universally acknowledged as the most prominent theatre designer in the world.   The Sheridan Theater represents a significant phase in this architect’s career.  The “Park ‘n’ Shop’s” original architectural features are in keeping with the “classical moderne” style of the Sheridan Theater. 

A developer wants to modify the facades.  This could be done in one of three ways:  1) without regard to their historic character, 2) restoring and enhancing their original historic design, or 3) neither one nor the other, but something in between.  

5.   Sabor Catering: Application for a new Alcoholic Beverage Control license. 6209 Georgia Ave, NW.


6.   Curtis Chevrolet site Tract Development: Discussion of plans submitted by DC Office of Planning


Note:  During a special public meeting, the agenda may only be amended by a unanimous ANC vote.



Meeting Rules

  • The Meeting Agenda will be made public one week prior to the meeting.
  • All cell phones & pagers to be switched to "silent" during the meeting.
  • The chair will only call on constituents and Commissioners who have raised their hands and have been recognized by the chair.
  • We will only address issues that are relevant to what is being discussed.
  • We will set time limits for each speaker and subject matter.
  • We will allow for one question and two follow-up questions during the Q&A period.
  • Following presentations Commissioners will ask questions, then the community.
  • The Sergeant at Arms will monitor the time and push the agenda



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