Thursday July 10, 2008 

Riggs-LaSalle Recreation Center

501 Riggs Road, NE

6:30 p.m.



1.   Roll Call


2.   Upper Georgia Avenue Master Plan


      *  Discussion and possible vote to amend ANC 4B's May 22, 2008 Resolution, including, but not limited to a recommendation about the location of a new fire station currently proposed for the corner of Aspen and Georgia, NW.


3.    Planned Unit Development for single-family homes, townhouses, and condominiums at 6000 New Hampshire Avenue, NE


       *  Discussion and possible vote to amend ANC 4B's June 26, 2008 Resolution on the developer's (West Group) request to the Zoning Commission for an extension to build the approved plan.


4.     Commission discussion and possible vote on establishing standing committees.


Note:  This is a special meeting.  This agenda cannot be amended, except by unanimous Commission vote.


For more information, contact your Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner:

Sara Green, ANC 4B01 (829-8802); Faith Wheeler, ANC 4B02 (882-7565); Frederick Grant, ANC 4B03 (726-6655); Malik F. M. Johnson, ANC 4B04 (557-8266); Blondine Hughes, ANC 4B05 (726-9246); Gloria Palmer, ANC 4B06 (722-2751); Judi Jones, ANC 4B07 (291-5327); Yvonne Jefferson, ANC 4B08 (529-3887); Douglass Sloan, ANC 4B09 (455-3616).



Note: Our ANC 4B Office, 6856 Eastern Ave., NW, is now staffed several hours a day.  Please call our Office Assistant, Akena Allen, at 202 291-6185 if you cannot reach your Commissioner.