Resolution – Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4B

Takoma Wellness Center

May 22, 2012

Adopted in a 6-2-0 Show-Of-Hands Vote In A Properly-Noticed Public Meeting With A Quorum Present


Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4B (ANC 4B) supports the application of the Takoma Wellness Center as one of the city’s first medical marijuana dispensaries if the following conditions are met:

1)  that the issuance of this license be delayed until changes in the law and/or the regulations permit the following conditions:

2)  that the applicant sign a binding agreement stipulating the assignment of an on-site security guard or off-duty police officer during all hours that the Center operates as per the applicant’s commitment

3)  that the DC Metropolitan Police Department permit its officers to work off duty and on-site to provide protection for Center patients to and from the Center to transportation during all hours that the Center operates.

4)  that the DC Department of Health, or another department or agency with the ability to revoke the license, enforce the applicant’s written agreement to provide on-site security supervision.

ANC 4B makes these recommendations due to the fact that the area around the Takoma Metro Station, including the vicinity of the Center, have been subject to street robberies. We have valid concerns that the Center could attract additional crime and that frail and sick patients and others might be targets. A successful security program should protect patients as well as the Center from robbery.

We also note that voluntary agreements are used successfully with alcohol licenses to address site-specific community concerns. We strongly recommend that such a mechanism be put in place for medical marijuana establishments as well and ask that the DC Department of Health, the Metropolitan Police Department and the DC City Council act to make all necessary changes to the law and the regulations.