Minutes from January 26, 2006 Meeting

Held at: Calvin Coolidge High School

Adopted and Amended April 27, 2006

Began at: 7:15pm

Meeting conducted by: former Vice-chair Cherita Whiting

- Quorum established with 5 commissioners present (Wheeler, Hickman, Hughes, Burke and Whiting)

- conducted by commissioner Jim Jones, ANC 4A

- Elected with 5 votes: Cherita Whiting to Office of Chair, Hughes to Vice-Chair, Burke to secretary

- Commissioner Bowser arrived

- Elected with 6 votes: Wheeler to Treasurer

? Approval of outstanding minutes

- December 15 minutes were accepted unanimously

- January 14 minutes were accepted unanimously

- Commissioner Bowser noted her objection to the restricted list of invitees.

- October 27 min were not presented, still outstanding

? Treasurer report accepted unanimously

? Security fund agreed to unanimously

? The election 4B01 to be held at our next meeting was announced

? The vacancy of 4B03 was announced.

? At the request of Hughes, 4B01 candidates made 1 minute presentations

? National Children?s Center requested a letter of support from the ANC to be added to their grant application

? Metropolitan Police Department 4D presented

? Announcement of presentation of West group to present to the commission and two community groups. No date was assigned.

? DCPS Modernization Act was presented

? A grant for Spanish language class at Emory for $1000 was approved ? Hughes

? A grant for Lamont Riggs Athletic Group was approved unanimously. This request had two supporting SMDs for $1000 each from Bowser, 4B08 and Whiting, 4B09

* A resolution on the 7041 Blair Road condominium project was adopted. It asks Centex to return to a future ANC meeting to present the final design and asks the Historic Preservation Review Board to direct HPRB staff to include an ANC commissioner in upcoming meetings on the final design, among other points. (Resolution attached).

? Community concerns were heard-

Adjourned: 9:49pm