Minutes from February 23, 2006

Adopted, May 25, 2006

Held at: Takoma Educational Center

Began at: 7:15pm

Called to order by: Chair Cherita Whiting

  • Election to fill vacancy in 4B01 BEGINS

- Chair Whiting announced the 7:15 ? 8:30 voting period

? Quorum established with 6 commissioners present (Wheeler, Hickman, Hughes,

? - Burke Bowser and Whiting) Jones joined the meeting later

? Approval of minutes January 26 minutes were accepted unanimously

? Comm. Wheeler & Hughes reported on the progress of the phone bill inquiry

? The quarterly report was presented but the vote postponed to the March meeting.

? Comm. Wheeler reported on the progress of the Coolidge grant inquiry

- Comm. Wheeler?s motion to send a letter requesting the funds be returned 6-0-1

? The vacancy and scheduled election for 4B03 was announced.

? Metropolitan Police Department 4D presented

? Safeway was not present to discuss tax overcharge, sale of alcohol & other issues - to be continued at our next meeting

? Election results to fill vacancy in 4B01 was announced 71/42 for Ms. Sara Green

? Council member Fenty swore in newly elected comm... Green

? The resolution to BOEE regarding the election results was approved

? Comm. Green motion to support the Brightwood Heritage trail was adopted

? Community concerns were heard-

Adjourned: 9:45pm