DRAFT DRAFT Minutes, June 22 Public Meeting

Minutes, June 22, 2006 Public Meeting

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4B

Adopted July 27, 2006, As Amended


The meeting was called to order at 7:07 p.m. at the Coolidge High School Cafeteria, 5th and Tuckerman Streets, NW, Chair Cherita Whiting presiding. Eight out of nine Commissioners were present: Commissioners Whiting, Sara Green, Faith Wheeler, Frederick Grant, Blondine Hughes, Judi Jones, Muriel Bowser, and Michael Burke. Commissioner Wesley Hickman arrived after the roll call was read, but before any votes.



A quorum was present for all votes.


1. By a unanimous show of hands, the Commission agreed to Commissioner Wheeler's motion to adopt the minutes from the May 25, 2006 public meeting.


2. In an 8-0-1 roll-call vote, the Commission agreed to Commissioner Jones' motion to require that the cosigners of ANC 4B Check Number 4159 reimburse the Commission out of their own personal funds for the $150 that was paid to Lamont Carey and already cashed.


Commissioners Green, Wheeler, Hickman, Hughes, Burke, Jones, Whiting, and Bowser voted "yes" to Commissioner Jones' motion. Commissioner Grant abstained.


Mr. Carey performed at the Commission's February 23, 2006 public meeting in honor of Black History Month. The check's cosigners are Chair Whiting and Treasurer Wheeler.

The $150 expenditure was not approved by the Commission in advance of the performance. During its March 23, 2006 public meeting, the Commission voted not to approve the expenditure retroactively.


Treasurer Wheeler reported that Lynard Barnum, of the D.C. Auditor's Office, said his office and the Attorney General's Office agree the payment is an acceptable educational expense. Auditor Barnum also said there are two options for paying for the check. First, the Commissioners who cosigned the check could reimburse the Commission out of their own pockets. Or, the Commission could permit the budget for Commissioner Whiting's Single Member District 4B08 to be amended to cover the payment.


3. In a show of hands, the Commission voted 7-1-1 to accept Commissioner Jones' motion to amend its budget so that the fees paid to rent rooms for the full Commission's monthly public meetings are taken out of the budget for the Single Member District where the meeting is held, with the permission of the affected Commissioner.


4. In a unanimous show of hands, the Commission agreed to Commissioner Green's motion to accept the Treasurer's Quarterly Report of Financial Activity,

January to March 2006, and to attach the adopted motions about Check Number 4159 and room rental fees to the quarterly report.





Minutes - June 22, 2006, Adopted July 27, 2006, As Amended

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The report shows the Commission had total disbursements of $15,442.97 during the period, and an ending checking and savings account balance of $41,731.87. (Report attached.)


5. In a 7-2-0 roll-call vote, the Commission agreed to Commissioner Green's resolution, as amended, supporting the Mandatory Juvenile Public Safety Notification Act of 2006, and to send a copy of the resolution to the D.C. City Council, the Mayor, and the Director of the Oak Hill Detention Facility. The legislation is currently before the D.C. City Council. (ANC 4B Resolution attached.)


Commissioners Green, Wheeler, Grant, Hughes, Burke, Whiting and Bowser voted "yes." Commissioners Hickman and Jones voted "no."


6. In a show of hands, the Commission voted 7-1-1 on Commissioner Bowser's motion to table a draft resolution on the agenda that calls for full funding for a DNA laboratory for the D.C. Medical Examiner's Office.


7. In a unanimous roll-call vote, the Commission voted 9-0-0 on Commissioner Hughes' motion to approve a $500 grant to the Takoma, D.C. Neighborhood Association to cover some expenses for the PSA 401 celebration of National Night Out, to be held on August 1, 2006 at the intersection of Juniper and 9th Streets, N.W. The grant will help cover the rental of a D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation Showmobile, ribbons and other awards, and printing costs.


8. In a 7-2-0 roll-call vote, the Commission agreed to Commissioner Wheeler's motion on ANC 4B's recommendation to the D.C. Zoning Commission on the West Group's PUD proposal for the 6000 New Hampshire Avenue property. That motion says ANC 4B will "wait until the reports are in and will ask the Office of Zoning to ask the Zoning Commission to extend the hearing [now set for July 20] until we see them."


Commissioners Green, Wheeler, Grant, Hickman, Hughes, Burke, and Whiting voted "yes." Commissioners Jones and Bowser voted "no."


9. In a 5-0-4 roll-call vote, the Commission agreed to Commissioner Jones' motion "not to support the West Group's proposal, as presented and submitted with the information presented so far." That vote followed a statement by Commissioner Bowser that the Office of Zoning and the Zoning Commission do not have to agree to an extension and if that is the case, ANC 4B would not have a position on record. Commissioner Jones said her motion was made because the Department of Transportation's report and the Office of Planning's report would not significantly change the West Group's proposal.


Commissioners Green, Hughes, Jones, Whiting, and Bowser voted "yes." Commissioners Wheeler, Grant, Hickman, and Burke abstained. (continued)



Minutes - June 22, 2006, Adopted July 27, 2006, As Amended

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Prior to voting on Wheeler's and Jones' motions, the Commission heard a presentation from the developer as well as a brief statement from Anita Hairston, of Office of Planning. The Commission also heard statements from 13 residents and community leaders.


Bill Jarvis, of The Jarvis Company and the West Group Development Company, which own the 11.5-acre property at 6000 New Hampshire Avenue, N.E., spoke about the companies' proposal to build 27 single family homes, 100 townhouses, and 60 condominiums (including 12 condominium units for senior citizens) on the site. The buildings would be all-brick.


Mr. Jarvis said the proposal includes affordable housing units and about 300 on-street and visitors' parking spaces in addition to the mostly two-car garages that would be built with the homes. The project would also include 200 new trees. It offers a diversified housing mix that would give those with varied incomes the opportunity to purchase homes.


Mr. Jarvis also said that the company would make cash donations to area schools and organizations, but did not elaborate further.


He noted that the firm spent about two years meeting with many community groups and made many revisions to the proposal based on the concerns and requests of the community.


He explained that the firm is applying to the D.C. Zoning Commission to have the project approved as a Planned Unit Development (PUD) with a density of about 16 units

per acre, as compared to the existing R-1 zoning (single family homes), which would permit about 8 units per acre. However, the 16 units per acre is roughly half the permitted density if the firm were to win a zoning change to the R-5-A zone (multi-family dwellings).


He also noted that the firm will provide significant storm water management for the site, which currently has none.


Anita Hairston, the Ward 4 planner with the Office of Planning, said that a traffic study has been submitted which will show that there will be mitigation for the increased volume of traffic to be generated by the project. She did not provide a copy of the study or detail the mitigation to be provided.


Ms. Hairston said that the Office of Planning will submit its recommendation and follow-up report on the proposed PUD ten (10) days before the D.C. Zoning Commission holds its July 20 hearing.



Minutes - June 22, 2006, Adopted July 27, 2006, As Amended

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John Milligan, a long-time resident who lives at 6210 Sligo Mill Rd., NE, said he is generally "against all kinds of change" but knows change will come. He said the developer's earlier proposal was too dense. The site will be developed, he concluded


Lawrence Martin, of 301 Quakenbos Street, a long time resident, said the proposal does not have enough detached homes and the impact on the surrounding community will be felt for a long time. He also said he is concerned about the open space on the site,

which has been promised as space that will be available to the general public, but will

be maintained by the homeowners' association. Homeowners will balk at paying to maintain it for the general public's use, he said.

James Gaskin, the President of the Lamond Community Action Group, said his group supports the proposal. Ninety percent (90 percent) of the 35 residents who responded to the group's survey support the proposal, he said.


Yvonne Jefferson, the President of Citizens Aware, said her group is opposed and wants development on the site to conform to the existing zoning. The group does not want to change the character of the community and believes single family homes are appropriate. The group is also concerned about who will pay to maintain the project's private streets, community center, and senior citizens' building activities, among other issues.


Tesae Harrington, of Dahlia Street, N.W., said she is concerned that existing D.C. residents are being pushed out of the city.


Lucille Keys, who lives near the Safeway on Piney Branch Road and Georgia Avenue, NW, said she thinks the project is a good one and that the estimated condominium prices of $250,000 are low, compared to others in her neighborhood.


Mary Wade, a Lamond-Riggs resident who lives in ANC 4B08, said that most of the seniors and residents in her community will not benefit from the project. "What is affordable to some is unreachable to others," she said. She is asking the West Group to give something back to those who are less fortunate.


Rodney Foxworth, of 5714 5th Street, N.E., is the President of the Lamond-Riggs Citizens Association. He said his group looked at the proposed project's density, design and benefits and wanted to see how the city's different agencies evaluated the proposal. "We simply don't have enough data to make a decision," he said, asking that the Commission say "'no' to development until we have more information."


Dr. O. Martin, of 6101 New Hampshire Ave., NE, said many of her neighbors did not understand that a change of zoning was being contemplated. "Protect us from foreign invasion," she said.




Minutes - June 22, 2006, Adopted July 27, 2006, As Amended

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Lillian Huff, of 5100 12th Street, NE, said she is afraid her taxes will go up if only single-family homes are built. "I believe the community wants development," but it is not clear what kind of development they want, she added.


Ron Austin, the President of the South Manor Citizens Association, said the group voted to support the proposal.


Terry Goings, a Lamond-Riggs community resident, said the community is divided in its assessment of the proposal.


Avis Kelly, a Lamond community resident and an adjacent property owner, said she is against having any development on the site. A high-density project is going to damage the community, she said.


Other Presentations and Reports

1. Officer Heather Straker, of the 4th District, listed recent crimes in the area. She also noted that a two-man power shift is now assigned to the Lasalle Elementary School Playground to combat the drug activity that has been observed there. An officer also remains assigned to the Takoma Rec Center, she confirmed.


2. Inspector Michael Vanison, of the Department of Public Works, talked about a change that has the department's trash trucks picking up trash from the front of homes instead of alleys. This is due to the large size of the trucks and the narrowness of the alleys, he explained.


3. A representative of the Black Aesthetics Institute reported on the $1,000 grant the Institute received from ANC 4B to cover insurance for the Institute's program. She said the insurance will cost the Institute $2,723 in total and that a bill for $717 will come to the group at the end of June and be paid in July. She also gave the Commission a copy of an email from the insurance company, D. H. Lloyd & Associates, and billing information from the firm. (Email and account information attached.)


The meeting adjourned at about 9:30 p.m.


--- Submitted by Sara Green, Secretary