Thursday, July 26, 2007  - Adopted September 27, 2007



The meeting began at 7 p.m. at the 4th District Metropolitan Police Station, 6001 Georgia Avenue, NW, Chair Blondine Hughes (ANC 4B05) presiding.  Also present were Commissioners 4B01 Sara Green, 4B02 Faith Wheeler, 4B03 Fred Grant, 4B04 Evelena  McCutchen, 4B07 Judi Jones, 4B08 Yvonne Jefferson and 4B09 Douglass Sloan.  A quorum was present for all votes.


Prior to the roll call, Ward 4 City Council Member Muriel Bowser administered the Oath of Office to 4B09 Commissioner-Elect Dougass Sloan.



1.  In a unanimous show-of-hands vote, the Commission adopted Commissioner Green's motion to adopt the agenda, as amended.  Three items were removed from the printed agenda: the Treasurer's Report, the introduction of the new Walter Reed Garrison Commander, and problems at the U.S. Post Office on 6200 N. Capitol St., NE.


2. In a unanimous show-of-hands vote, the Commission adopted Commissioner Grant's motion to approve the minutes for the June 28 2007 public meeting, with two amendments, both in the Treasurer's Report vote. (Item No. 3 on the first page.)


A new sentence is added to the end of the first paragraph of Item No. 3.  It is: "Commissioners Jones and Wheeler asked which quarter the deposited allotment refers to."  A new sentence is also to be added to the end of the paragraph labeled "b)" at the bottom of page one. It is: "Commissioner Wheeler said there was a discussions and reference to the January 2007 minutes which shows approval of the 4th Quarter of 2006."


3.  In a unanimous roll-call vote, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4B adopted a motion made by Commissioner Sloan.  The motion states that ANC 4B tables its recommendation vote on the request by the owners of the Silver Sands Restaurant, (7303 Georgia Avenue, NW) to amend their voluntary agreement with the community. This will give the community time to meet and negotiate. This is conditioned on the Silver Sands' owner(s) withdrawing their application to amend the voluntary agreement for consideration at the August 2007 public hearing before the D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.


Silver Sands Representative Jason Gordon signed a handwritten letter written by Commissioner Sloan. It says: "I, Jason Gordon, will withdraw my application to amend the Voluntary Agreement of Silver Sands Restaurant located 7303 Georgia Avenue, NW, Washington, DC, with the DC ABC Board to allow time to meet with the surrounding community to negotiated an amicable solution."


Adopted Minutes, ANC 4B

July 26, 2007, Page Two





4.  In a 7-1 roll-call vote on a motion made by Commissioner Green, the Commission designated Commissioner Green as its representative before the ABC Board during the public hearing on the Silver Sands' request to amend its voluntary agreement.


Commissioners Sara Green (4B01), Faith Wheeler (4B02), Frederick Grant (4B03), Evelina McCutchen (4B04), Blondine Hughes (4B05), Yvonne Jefferson (4B08) and Douglas Sloan (4B09) voted "yes."  Commissioner Judi Jones (4B07) voted "no."


Silver Sands Representative Jason Gordon said he wants to extend the restaurant's hours from 11 p.m. to midnight on weekdays and from midnight to 2 am on weekends. He also wants to add Sunday hours and a DJ or a live band for weddings and special events.  The Silver Sands will remain a family restaurant, he said. He said that the problems with drugs, violence and disorderly conduct at the restaurant happened about 20 years ago and should not be a problem now.


Several residents urged the Commission to reject any changes to the existing voluntary agreement.  ANC 4A Commissioner Jourdinia Brown noted that ANC 4A recently voted to oppose any changes. 


Concerned Neighbors, Inc. President Shirley Richardson said her organization does not want the Silver Sands to open for more hours and is concerned about noise and other problems. 


ANC 4B01 Resident Alpha McPherson said the restaurant is ignoring the terms of the voluntary agreement and has not been honest with the community about its plans.


Ms. M. Curry, who lives at 5804 7th St., NW, said that younger residents are coming to our neighborhood and want to have more bars and entertainment places nearby.


5.  In a unanimous show-of-hands vote, the Commission awarded the Friends of the Lamond Recreation Center a $2,000 grant for awards, a sound system, programs and other expenses for Lamond Community Day.


6.  In a unanimous show-of-hands vote, the Commission adopted Commissioner Hughes' motion to support a special exception request from Ms. Winnie Foster to construct a rear deck in the back of 6606 Blair Road, NW (Case #17669).  The request is before the D.C. Board of Zoning Adjustment.




Adopted Minutes - ANC 4B

July 26, 2007 - Page Three


Reports and Presentations


1. MPD Officer Heather Straker introduced PSA 402 Community Foot Beat Officers Adrianne Wilson, Wilbert Davis and Robert Evans Stevenson.  Stolen autos and thefts from autos continue to increase in the area, she said.


2.  Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services Captain Reginald Stowe said that D.C. Public School fire safety inspections are continuing and the department will improve its July 4 fireworks enforcement.  New alarms for both smoke and carbon monoxide will be available for free public distribution soon, he added.


Community Concerns


1. ANC 4B04 Residents Bettie Florence and Barbara Cunningham said that ANC 4B04 has not had any representation for the past few years and crime remains a problem.  ANC 4B04 Commissioner Evelena McCutchen said she is resigning as of September 1, 2207, due to health probelms.  She also said she is holding a Single Member District meeting on August 2.


2.  An ANC 4B01 resident who lives on 7409 7th Street said that employees from a Blair Road group home park in the alley, blocking traffic and litter the alley with discarded cigarettes.


3.  One ANC 4B resident said she is concerned that city trees are not sprayed for disease and pests.


4.  Dorothy Davis, who lives at 5th & Oneida Place, NE, said that trash cans fall down in the public alley behind her home, impeding access.


5.  ANC 4B01 Resident Joan Turner, of Blair Road, NW, said that trash cans are left in the middle of her driveway, impeding access.


6.  ANC 4B01 Resident Regina Page said she has problems with the U.S. Post Office on 6200 North Capitol St., NE.


7.  A resident who lives on 413 Oglethorpe St., NW said abandoned cars and a mattress are littering the public alley behind his home.


--- Submitted by Sara Green, Secretary