Minutes - September 27, 2007 - Adopted October 25, 2007




The meeting began at about 7:10 p.m. at the Lamond Recreation Center, 20 Tuckerman Street, NE, Chair Blondine Hughes (ANC 4B05) presiding.


Also present were Commissioners 4B01 Sara Green, 4B02 Faith Wheeler, 4B03 Frederick Grant, 4B07 Judi Jones, 4B08 Yvonne Jefferson, and 4B09 Douglass Sloan.  A quorum was present for all votes.




1.  In a show-of-hands vote, the agenda was accepted, unanimously.


2.  In a unanimous show-of-hands vote, the Commission agreed to Commissioner Hughes' motion and adopted the minutes from the July 26, 2007 public meeting.


3. In a unanimous show-of-hands vote, the Commission agreed to Commissioner Grant's motion and adopted the minutes from the September 26, 2007 public meeting.


4.  In a unanimous show-of-hands vote, the Commission agreed to Commissioner Grant's motion to adopt a resolution on the MEI Futures Academy at 6000 New Hampshire Avenue, NE.


The resolution states that "ANC 4B is concerned that the community was not notified in a timely manner about the opening of the MEI Futures Academy at 6000 New Hampshire Avenue, NE.  We request proper notice in writing of the Certificate of Occupancy of any new public, private, or charter school facilities with at least 60 days notice.  Out of courtesy we are voting to support the location of this charter school."


5.  In a unanimous show-of-hands vote, the Commission adopted Chair Hughes motion to adjourn. 


Community Concerns


1.  Rhonda Taylor, of the Unit Block of Underwood Place, NW, said that residents living at 26 Underwood Place, NW are disturbing the neighborhood with loud music, public drinking and urination, among other problems.  Car thefts and related problems have also increased, she said. She said that the residents have kept a written log documenting their concerns. Ms. Taylor also said that she has been unsuccessful in locating the home's owner. 


Commissioner Jones said that the D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs will have to locate the owner or the responsible party.


Minutes - September 27, 2007 - ANC 4B - Adopted Oct. 25, 2007

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2.  A resident who lives at 41 Underwood Place, NW, said that he sees rowdy youth near his home.


3.  A resident asked for the status of the audit of ANC 4B for the years 2000 to 2004.

Chair Hughes said that the Treasurer, who is not present at this meeting, will answer the question.


4.  Sarah M. Brown, a 25-year resident of the Lamond community, said the service at the Lamond Branch Post Office on North Capitol Street is very poor.


5.  LaVilliam Griffin, of 222 Nicholson Street, NE, complained about the loud trains that run near her home. The horns start blowing at 7 a.m. and continue several times an hour until midnight, she said.  Commissioners Sloan and Jefferson said that safety concerns at the nearby bridge that is under construction are the reason for the horns.


6.  Regina Page, of Eastern Avenue, NW, asked for a discussion about juveniles and car theft and possible legislative solutions.  Commissioner Green said that discussion would take place at the October public meeting.


7.  Lonnie Terrin supported a grant request from an Emery Recreation Center group that is asking for cheerleading uniforms.  He said that the season will almost be over by the time the grant is approved.  Earlier in the meeting Commissioner Hughes tabled the Commission's consideration of the grant request.  She said that someone from the group would attend the October public meeting to answer questions.


8.  Regina Page asked for an update on the Silver Sands request to amend their voluntary agreement to permit a DJ at their 7303 Georgia Avenue, NW restaurant.  She said she there is an "inconsistent" response to entertainment, explaining that there was no opposition to proposed entertainment at a restaurant near the Takoma Metro Station, even when there was another entertainment venue close by.  "Urban music," as opposed to other types of music, seems to upset neighbors, Ms. Page added. Commissioner Green said that residents are meeting with the owner.


Reports and Discussions


1.  Metropolitan Police Force Captain Michael Reese discussed crime in the community  and answered questions.


2.  Walter Reed Garrison Commander Bruce E. Haselden introduced himself and said he hopes to be at Walter Reed until its scheduled closure in 2011.  He said he welcomes volunteers and is happy to arrange tours.


Minutes - September 27, 2007 - ANC 4B - Adopted Oct. 25, 2007

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3.  Six Postal Service representatives answered questions about the poor service at the Lamond-Riggs Branch Post Office on North Capitol Street, NE.  Present were D.C. Postmaster Pat Moore, J. Grant, Dana Mitchell, a manager at the branch, Paris Washington, Robert Robak, and William Clayton, also a manager at the branch.


Several residents, including Sarah Brown, Anthony Abolino, Ms. Davis, and Regina Page detailed long-standing problems, including inadequate staffing, late openings, rude customer service, long lines, misplaced and misdirected mail, and trash on the grounds.  In addition, staff do not provide pens and tape to customers, as requested.


Commissioner Hughes said she has found the customer service windows unstaffed and has had to knock on the door to the manager's office to get help.


Commissioner Jones said that the post office is next to homes and that noise from trucks starts at about 4 a.m., disturbing residents.  She also said that she wants residents to serve on a task force with postal employees.


Commissioner Jefferson said she too is aware of the problems. She also said that she is surprised that postal authorities seem surprised about the community's anger. A while ago, a survey was sent out to customers asking about service at the post office and her neighbors noted the problems, she said.


Postmaster Moore responded.


   (a) Staff will be retrained in customer service and the branch will be monitored to confirm that courtesy is given and the number of staff available is adequate.


   (b) Trucks need to deliver mail to the branch as early as 4:30 a.m. and that will probably not change.


   (c) Trash will be picked up and the grounds will be better maintained.


   (d) The area's Postal Advisory Committee meets bimonthly and residents are invited to join.


4.  Chair Hughes announced that there is a vacancy for the ANC 4B04 seat.


---- Submitted by Sara Green, Secretary