Adopted Minutes - Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4B

March 27, 2008 Public Meeting - Adopted on April 24, 2008, As Amended


The meeting began at 7:04 p.m. at Emery Recreation Center, 5701 Georgia Avenue, NW, Vice Chair Faith Wheeler (4B02) presiding, followed by Chair Douglass Sloan (4B09), who presided over the rest of the meeting.  Also present were Commissioners 4B01 Sara Green, 4B03 Frederick Grant, 4B04 Malik  F.M. Johnson, 4B07 Judi Jones, and 4B08 Yvonne Jefferson.  A quorum was present for all votes.



1)  Chair Sloan appointed Commissioner Jefferson as ANC 4B's Sergeant At Arms for the meeting.


2)  In a unanimous show-of-hands vote, the Commission adopted Commissioner Wheeler's motion to approve the agenda, as amended.  The presentation by the D.C. Department of Fire and Rescue Services will take place immediately after the adoption of the agenda, and the Quarterly Report will be discussed after the Police Report.


3)  In a unanimous show-of-hands vote, the Commission agreed to Commissioner Green's motion, as amended, to support making permanent the Targeted Ward 4 Moratorium Zone for single containers of beer, malt liquor or ale.


The complete adopted resolution states that:

"The Commissioners of ANC 4B urge the D.C. City Council to make permanent the Targeted Ward 4 Moratorium Zone for single containers of beer, malt liquor, or ale, as detailed in the D.C. Official Code, Sections 25-341(b) and 25-341(c) (2004).


The Moratorium prohibits all Class A and Class B licensees from dividing a manufacturer's package of more than one container of beer, malt liquor, or ale to sell an individual container of the package if the container is 70 ounces or less.  The Moratorium also prohibits selling, giving, offering, exposing the sale, or delivering an individual container of beer, malt liquor, or ale, if the container is 70 ounces or less.


The Commission has seen evidence that the Moratorium, in effect for only six months, has reduced the number of discarded containers seen on public space, and has reduced the number of people seen drinking in public.  We believe it is a reasonable accommodation to concerns about the negative impact of alcohol in our community."


The vote followed a presentation by Ward 4 City Council Member Muriel Bowser and a discussion. Council Member Bowser noted that during the Moratorium's six months of operation, arrests for public drinking, open containers of alcohol, and public urination have decreased by 61 percent.  Also, residents report a decrease in loitering and littering.  Wards 7 and 8 are considering similar Moratoriums, she said.


There was a discussion and an unresolved question about whether the existing Moratorium covered the issuance of new Class B (beer and wine) licenses.


Mr. Joseph Martin, the Chairman of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4C, and one of the Mayor's Ward 4 Community Services Coordinators, noted that the Yes! Organic Market is considering a new store in his neighborhood but will not locate there without a beer and wine license. 


Commissioner Jefferson added that a similar issue exists in her neighborhood at the new retail project to be built at South Dakota Avenue and Riggs Road. The Petworth community might be affected as well, Council Member Bowser said.  Commissioner Grant said new businesses should not be restricted. 


4)  In a unanimous show-of-hands vote, the Commission agreed to Commissioner Green's motion to accept the Quarterly Financial Report for October through December 2007, with a note that the Commission needs an explanation for a $15.00 credit that is shown on the interest portion of the Savings Account statement.


Treasurer Fred Grant discussed the written report, which shows that there is a Checking Account Balance Forward of $45,392.67, interest income of $32.27, and disbursements of $7,158.92, for an ending balance of $38,266.02.  The Savings Account Balance Forward is  $42.336.71, with interest income and other receipts of $80.04 and $15.00 (a total of $95.04), for a closing balance of $42.431.75.


Mr. Paul Montague asked if the Quarterly Report was submitted and accepted by the Office of the Auditor.  Commissioner Jefferson answered that the report was submitted by the former Treasurer, Gloria Palmer, but not approved or accepted by the Commission.


Ms. Karen Holliday, of 6715 Eastern Avenue, NW, asked about the $4,000 grant to the Friends of Emery, and was told that it was for cheerleading uniforms for the girls' teams there.  She asked about scholarship grants for graduating high school students.  Commissioner Jones answered that ANC 4B grants cannot be given to individuals.

Commissioner Jefferson said that she wants to offer more grants to the community.


5)  In a 6-0-1 show-of-hands vote, the Commission agreed to Commissioner Green's motion to adopt its Fiscal Year 2008 Budget, totaling $66,220, as amended. 


The first amendment, proposed by Commissioner Jones and rejected in a 1-5-1 show-of-hands vote, sought to strike the $2,615 budget item for Postage and Delivery (No. 11, under "Administration.")


Commissioner Jones, supported by Residents Ms. Regina Carmen Page and Mr. Paul Montague, said she feels that the $2,615, which would cover the cost of sending postcards with ANC 4B's meeting schedule to ANC 4B residents, is too much money to spend when only six months remain in the year.


The second amendment, moved by Commissioner Green, was adopted in a 5-1-1 show-of-hands vote.  It clarifies the $18,000 total personnel expenditure by changing the "0" under "Net Salaries & Wages" (Item #1 under "Personnel") to $18,000.  (more)

Minutes - ANC 4B - March 27, 2008 - Adopted on April 24, 2008 - Page 3


Commissioner Jones said that she was concerned about the number "0" written next to all of the entries in the Personnel section, with the total noted as $18,000.  The numbers need to add up, she noted.


Several Commissioners explained that the goal is to spend a total of $18,000 on wages, and other related costs, including workers compensation, unemployment insurance tax and Social Security. However, the dollar amount of some of these costs is now unknown, so only one number, $18,000, the total budgeted, is detailed in the budget.


Presentations, Reports and Other Discussions

1) Washington D.C. Department of Fire and Rescue Services Capt. B. Troxeli discussed the City's Smoke Detector Program, explaining that there is a request form on the City's web page.  Fire Services will install the smoke detectors and will inspect homes upon request, he said.


2)  City Council Member Bowser answered questions from Ms. Regina Carmen Page, Ms. Betty Boykin, and Commissioners Wheeler and Jefferson about affordable housing and jobs at the stadium.  She noted that the Council is appropriating $30 million to help with affordable housing and the city is purchasing a building at 14th & Tewkesbury for senior citizens housing. She said there is no plan to rezone the current site of the Eastern-Juniper Cooperative Apartments, located on Eastern Avenue, NW.  She said she believes that the job set-aside goals for D.C. residents at the newly built baseball stadium have been met.


3)  Commissioner Grant reported on the Commission's testimony before the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board with respect to a request by the owners of Haydee's Restaurant, 6303 Georgia Ave., NW to change their license from a Class "CR" (Restaurant) to a Class "CN" (Nightclub). 


The Board accepted the voluntary agreement signed by Haydee's owners and Commissioners Grant and Wheeler, and ratified by the entire Commission in a vote at its March 8, 2008 Special Public Meeting. Under that agreement Haydee's can build a stage but must operate according to the city's "CR" restaurant regulations.  Sound proofing is part of the agreement, but a time frame for completing it has not been addressed, Commissioner Grant said in response to a question by Ms. Karina Simmons, a resident.


4)  Sgt. Berdet Williams, of the Metropolitan Police Department, reported on crime statistics for the month, noting that auto theft-related crimes remain high.


5)  A representative of the City's Urban Forestry Program discussed the free planting materials available to help combat drought damage in trees on public spaces and other tree services.


Community Concerns

No "Community Concerns" requests were made when the item was called during the meeting's agenda.  However, several residents asked questions and raised concerns during other parts of the agenda, as noted above.

Adopted Minutes - ANC 4B - March 27, 2008 - Adopted on April 24, 2008 - Page 4



The meeting adjourned at about 9:20 pm.


                                                                      --- Submitted by Sara Green, Secretary