Adopted Minutes
Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4B
October 26, 2009 - Adopted on November 23, 2009

The meeting started at about 7:10 p.m., at the Metropolitan Police Department's 4th District Community Room, 6001 Georgia Avenue, NW, Vice Chair Faith Wheeler (4B02) presiding.

Also present were Commissioners 4B01 Sara Green, 4B04 James Sydnor, 4B05 Brenda Speaks, 4B07 Judi Jones, 4B08 Yvonne Jefferson and 4B09 Douglass Sloan, also 4B's Chair, who arrived after the roll call and chaired the rest of the meeting. A quorum was present for all votes.

1. The agenda was adopted without objection, with one change. The dialysis center item was removed. Commissioner Jones asked that it be added to the November agenda.

2. In a 6-0-1 show-of-hands vote following a motion made by Commissioner Green, the Commission adopted a resolution calling on developers to fund landscaping installation and maintenance on public space.

The Adopted Resolution:

"Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4B asks that Mayor Adrian Fenty and the City Council of the District of Columbia include in the 2009 Amendments to The Comprehensive Plan For The National Capital a guideline that requires developer contributions to the cost of installing and maintaining landscaping on public space for new development and major redevelopment projects, including those that go through the Planned Unit Development Process. The contributions should be used to enhance the community where the project is located.

We designate each Commissioner to speak on this resolution as it affects his or her own community as long as the statements do not contradict this resolution."

The vote followed a presentation from Office of Planning (OP) Staff Members Kimberly Driggins, Aubery Thagard, and Malaika Abernathy and a question and answer period with Commissioners.

The OP staff noted that there are existing city programs that could provide landscaping on public space.

Commissioner Green said that Montgomery County, Maryland developers are required to contribute to beautification programs, schools, roads, and other public facilities. Also, developer contributions are one way to make certain that landscaping is provided during times when the city cannot afford to fund its existing beautification programs. She distributed copies of letters of support from four constituents, and Marc Loud, the Executive Director of the Gateway Georgia Avenue Redevelopment Corporation.

Commissioner Wheeler said that several beautification programs noted by OP staff, which fund beautification programs (including the Neighborhood Investment Fund and Great Streets), only cover small portions of the city. Commissioner Jefferson suggested adding language calling on the Department of Transportation to do more. Commissioner Jones said the resolution is asking developers to do more.

3. In a 6-0-0 show-of-hand vote following a motion made by Commissioner Wheeler, the Commission adopted the minutes from the June 22, 2009 public meeting, as amended. The sentence at the end of Item No. 2 on Page One beginning with "Note:" was removed. Also, speakers' addresses are to be identified by street name and block, but not by street number.

4. In a 2-4-0 show-of-hands vote, the Commission rejected a motion from Commissioner Jones to change the sentence in Item No. 10 on Page Four in the July 27, 2009 minutes from "Substitute language was not provided." to "Substitute language was provided."

5. In a 5-0-1 show-of-hands vote following a motion made by Commissioner Wheeler, the Commission adopted the minutes from the July 27, 2009 public meeting, as amended. The third "Whereas" on Page One will read "and we do not want to inundate the area..." The spelling of Wanda Oates' name is corrected. Also, speakers' addresses are to be identified by street name and block, but not by street number.

6. In a 5-0-1 show-of-hands vote following a motion made by Commissioner Wheeler, the Commission adopted the minutes from the Sept. 28, 2009 public meeting, as amended.

The second to last paragraph on Page Two will begin, "The agreement to hold the special meeting..." The spelling of Richard Layman's name is corrected. The words "Spelling may not be correct." are removed following Ms. Kazil's name. The sentence in the middle of the second paragraph on Page Three will read, "...and one of the only freestanding theaters in the city other than the Howard..." Two new sentences are added to the end of Item No. 4 on Page Three. They are: "The motion was not forwarded. It was stated by Chair Sloan that it should be discussed in an executive meeting." Also, speakers' addresses are to be identified by street name and block, but not by street number.

7. In a 5-0-1 show-of-hands vote following a motion made by Commissioner Wheeler, the Commission adopted the minutes from the Oct.15, 2009 Special Public Meeting, as amended. The spelling of Kevin Costello's name is corrected. The first sentence of the third paragraph before the bottom on Page Two will begin, "During her presentation," and commas will be inserted before the word "if" and after the word "approved" in the first sentence of the second to the last paragraph on Page Two.

1. Commissioner Wheeler announced that the City's Historic Preservation Review Board rejected a proposal to substantially demolish the Takoma Theater (4th & Butternut Sts., NW) and construct apartments there.

2. Commissioner Jones announced a Nov. 9 public meeting at the Lamond Recreation Center (20 Tuckerman St., NE) to discuss problems with charter school students.

3. Commissioner Green announced the proposals from the five finalists for the Takoma Metro Station public art project will be on display throughout most of the day on Nov. 5 at the Takoma Park Library (5th & Cedar Sts., NW) and that comments will be solicited.

4. Commissioner Green also announced that the new principal and other key leaders and staff from Coolidge High School are guest speakers at an Oct. 27 public meeting to held by the Takoma D.C. Neighborhood Association at the Promised Land Baptist Church (4th & Van Buren Sts, NW).

5. Michael Sindram, of Georgia Ave., NW, announced several upcoming City Council public hearings and meetings, including those that will discuss weatherization and Medicaid programs.

Community Concerns
1. Michael Sindram, of Georgia Ave., NW, said he was concerned about the verbal dispute between Commissioners Jones and Green that is detailed in draft minutes. He asked that ANC 4B provide a grant to pay for residents' conversion to digital television. Mr. Sindram, who has been banned from the Walter Reed Army Hospital Campus, asked that the Commission write another letter on his behalf requesting that Walter Reed administrators reverse their decision and return a bible they took from him. He also wants the Commission to ask that the owners of the former Curtis Chevrolet site respond to a letter he wrote to them.

2. Betty Florence, of Oglethorpe St., NW, asked about the request she made at the September meeting for help getting 5th Street, NW designated as a Snow Emergency Route. Commissioner Sydnor and Eugene Quick, ANC 4B's Office Assistant, said they were told that the street was never designated and that citizens need to petition several agencies. Chair Sloan said he will help.

3. Wanda Oates, of 4th St., NW, said the police should monitor speeds on the portion of Missouri Avenue that is east of Georgia Avenue. She said she sees a police presence near St. John's College High School on Military Road (west of Georgia) nearly every day.

4. Regina Page, a 4B01 resident, asked about the number of functioning fire hydrants in Ward 4. Ward 4 Community Services Coordinator Joseph Martin noted that WASA fixes and maintains hydrants and agreed to get this information.

Discussion and Presentation

Treasurer Jefferson distributed copies of the draft 4th Quarterly Report for July-September 2009, along with back-up documents, to the Commission. She noted that the report is due at the end of November 2009 and will be on the agenda at the November planning and public meetings. Commissioners should review the report prior to these meetings, she said.

Corrections will be made, she said. The Savings Account statement is missing and the interest income from savings is not noted in the report distributed. She also noted that some of the grant reports need additional information and said she will ask the grant recipient groups to come to the November public meeting to report on their programs. There was a discussion about the Arts For Children grant, with questions about its report, the timing of the issuance of the check, and the amount of money left unspent after 60 days.

Treasurer Jefferson said that the Auditor's Office reviewed the grant and approved it prior to ANC 4B issuing the check, but if the Auditor's Office requires changes, they will be made. Commissioner Wheeler asked that the Auditor's Office respond to the Commission's questions about this grant before the November meeting.

The meeting adjourned at about 9:30 p.m.

--- Submitted by Sara Green, Secretary