Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4B

   6856 Eastern Avenue, NW, Suite 314

  Washington, DC 20012



Resolution With Respect To The Establishment Of A Pawn Shop At 7301 Georgia Avenue, NW

Adopted In A Unanimous Show Of Hands Vote On February 22, 2010


Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4B (ANC 4B) opposes the issuance of a pawnbroker's license or a certificate of occupancy to any concern or person requesting such a license or permit for 7301 Georgia Avenue, NW.


We have heard from neighboring residents and leaders from Concerned Neighbors, Inc. (CNI) who are concerned about increasing crime and declining real estate values should a pawnshop open at 7301 Georgia Avenue, NW. These residents are also concerned that the establishment of a pawnshop will permanently alter the character of the community by discouraging many desirable businesses from locating in the area.


We understand that at least one official at the D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) believes that the affected Advisory Neighborhood Commission's position should not receive "great weight."  We have heard the opposing views of an attorney who is an ANC 4B01 resident.  DCRA's position is that a hearing or "deliberation" before issuing a decision must be required in order for DCRA to be obliged to give an ANC's position great weight regarding an application for a pawnbroker license.


The neighborhood attorney notes that the DCRA official has cited no valid authority for his position and the neighborhood attorney states he believes the ANC's position should be given great weight where, as here, the license is "of significance to neighborhood planning and development within its neighborhood commission area..." See DC Code Sec.1-207.38(d).                


Therefore, our opposition to the issuance of a pawnbroker license or occupancy permit for 7301 Georgia Avenue, NW will benefit the community and the city in at least two significant ways. First, by representing the views of residents living around 7301 Georgia Avenue, NW.  Second, by providing non-financial support for a legal challenge that may clarify and expand the rights of residents throughout ANC 4B and Advisory Neighborhood Commissions citywide.


We also request that the Metropolitan Police Department and other city agencies provide records related to crime and pawn shop licenses citywide, according to the provisions of the City's Freedom of Information Act.


We authorize 4B01 Commissioner Sara Green to represent this resolution before City agencies and government.