Resolution to Ensure Quality Neighborhood School

Whereas, Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANCs) were created to “advise the Council of the District of Columbia, the Mayor, and each executive agency…with respect to all proposed matters of District government policy,” including to education;


Whereas, the government of the District of Columbia by law is required to give “great weight” to comments from ANCs;


Whereas, the purpose of the District of Columbia Public Schools’ (DCPS) is “to ensure that every student attends a great school, and that every school meets high standards in all areas that affect student achievement;”


Whereas, the Deputy Mayor of Education (DME) is currently leading “a comprehensive review of its (the District’s) student assignment policies, including school attendance boundaries and feeder patterns” and is considering student assignment policies that may harm DCPS schools in each community;


Whereas, ANC 4B recognizes the importance of a quality public education to the health and vitality of to Lamond-Riggs, Manor Park, Riggs Park, Takoma, Fort Stevens Ridge, and to all communities in the District of Columbia;


Whereas, ANC 4B values quality matter-of-right public schools from pre-school through high school and will work to ensure that all residents have access to this option throughout the city;

Whereas, ANC 4B recognizes that many parents desire clear and predictable pathways through the public school system and would prefer a school within the community;

Whereas, ANC 4B recognizes that many community schools serve not only students residing within the community but also from other wards.


Therefore, be it resolved, that ANC 4B, along with its ANC colleagues in ANC 1B, ANC 2B, ANC 2F ANC 3B, ANC 3E ANC 6E, and other ANCs requires that DCPS provide access to quality matter-of-right public schools from Kindergarten through Grade 12 for all students.

Be it further resolved that the Chair or his designee be authorized to represent ANC 4B on this matter.