Draft Recommendation

Takoma Metro Station

May 20, 2014

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4B makes the following recommendations on transit services at the Takoma Metro Station. These services are the subject of an upcoming Compact Public Hearing before the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority.

* The number of public parking spaces at the site should not be reduced.

*   The Eastern Avenue driveway entrance to the station’s public parking should be designed to preserve the existing buffer park. The park is needed to protect Eastern Avenue residents, particularly those who live at 7036 Eastern Avenue, NW, from the noise and fumes of traffic entering the station.

* Bicycle access to the station should be designed so that street parking is preserved on Eastern Avenue, NW.

* Congestion in and around key intersections and on Eastern Avenue is a concern. The serious flaws in the WMATA’s November 2013 transportation study are shown in a February 2014 study performed by the engineering firm, MCV Associates. (Attached).