DRAFT Upper Georgia Avenue Master Plan

In May, the Office of Planning will send its final draft of the Upper Georgia Avenue Master Plan to the D.C. City Council. The Council will hold public hearings before voting on the draft. Everyone, including Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4B, is invited to testify.

This plan was developed after several public meetings and public hearings. It provides guidelines and goals for the way new retail, office and residential development should occur on Georgia Avenue, and it details the kind of public and private action needed to make it happen.

The plan will have a major impact for decades on Georgia Avenue and the neighborhoods surrounding it. Some of its significant and specific development recommendations for the area from Eastern Avenue to Decatur Street, NW begin on page 43.

One recommendation calls for a signature "Gateway" project at Eastern and Georgia Avenue with buildings up to 90 feet tall. Recommendations for other areas, including those that now have one and two-story retail, call for mixed-use buildings that could be as high as 65 feet, with ground floor retail and residential on the upper floors.

In September 2007, ANC 4B adopted a detailed resolution on the earlier draft master plan.

See the draft plan and ANC4B's resolutions of 9/26/07 and 5/22/08.